Authentic Coaching

Bringing authentic relating into the heart of your coaching practice.

Course Description

Authentic Coaching Skills is not designed to be a complete coaching course or certification. This course is designed to add a refinement to existing coaching competency in any focus from health to relationship, or to provide a foundational platform to offer Human Design and Gene Keys readings in conjunction with our Certificate and Advanced Certificate of Evolutionary Human Design. 

That being said, mastering the skills and tools in this course, and integrating the confidence that brings, does have the potential for you to become a powerful and competent guide for other human beings on their journey. 

This course utilises the transformational elegance of authentic relating within a coaching context. Through understanding the mechanics of relating and the personal development of relational intelligence, you are in a solid position to really support others as they grow. 

Regardless of which modality, or focused direction you take in your coaching, these skills are widely applicable in creating safety, depth and transformation. 

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Fundamentals of Authentic Relating

This course strongly draws from the skills and capacities developed in the Fundamentals of Authentic Relating course. Applicants are required to have completed this course and the competency tasks prior to the commencement of Authentic Coaching Skills.

Course Structure

Authentic Coaching Skills consists of recorded elements, practise and theory, including:

  • Pre-recorded theory content
  • Pre-recorded skill demonstrations
  • 2-hour weekly call covering Q&As and skills practice
  • Weekly skills development homework