Establish foundations for
secure attachment and
healthy intimacy.

Course Description


The word is becoming commonplace and, as many concepts are when filtered out into the world, often misunderstood.

We know we need boundaries for good relationships.

We might even know that we need boundaries for a good life!

Yet what is a boundary?

How is it developed?
How do I know when I don’t have one?
How do I get one?
Is it just learning how to say no to people?

boundaries are not walls

The reality is that boundaries are an incredibly complex and sophisticated part of the system that we recognise as ‘self’. 

When you don’t have healthy boundaries you will either be boundaryless, which means it becomes very easy to lose yourself in others, know what you need and how to stand up for it. 

Or you will have walls, which tend to shut out connection and the ability to be close to others in overprotection and defence. Many people confuse these walled-off states as boundaries. However, they are not true boundaries. 

Neither of these states, boundarylessness or walls, create intimacy. 

Having well-developed boundaries allows you to experience yourself as differentiated, or separate, from others which, paradoxically, is the very thing that allows you to experience connection and intimacy. 

Without well-developed boundaries, you can’t experience closeness with another. 

Instead what you will experience are triggers, anxiety and avoidance. 

A constant need and hypervigilance to protect yourself, or an inability to protect yourself.

A tendency to share too much of yourself and too easily, or an inability to share anything vulnerable at all.

This course shares a framework for understanding boundaries at a much deeper level than just what you don’t want, or what you want to keep away and instead shows you how your boundaries actually serve to bring you more of what you do want. 

The course is theoretical and practical. It will teach you an embodiment practice, and a series of meditations, that you can use to develop your boundaries on your own time in your own space which will, with dedicated practice, ripple out and affect all parts of your life. 

When your boundaries become an embodied part of who you are, then you begin to become a truly elegant being.

Course Structure

Boundaried consists of recorded elements, practise and theory, which includes:

  • Theory – enough theory to ground the concepts, but not so much as to overwhelm you
  • Practice – guided group meditation practices
  • Weekly journaling prompts and guided reflections
  • Access to all recordings

You’ll also receive lifetime access to the Evergreen course (which is developed from this live course). This will include:

  • Theory lectures
  • Audio guided meditations
  • Written descriptions of the practices
  • Guidelines for how to weave and integrate the practices into daily life
  • Journaling prompts to further integrate and embody this as a way of being


The following modules will be taught over four weeks in Boundaried:

Course Dates

Boundaried is self-study, you can take it at any time.

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