Certificate Programs

Evolutionary Relating’s certificate programs offer a quick-start immersion over a semester of full-time study

About Our Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs comprise a study load
equivalent to one semester of full-time study.

However, you may take it at the pace you like
(whenever the requisite classes are offered).

If you choose to undertake a full load, this is
approximately 6 hours of classes per week
and around the same amount additionally in
personal study and group work.

The material, however, is presented in a way that
will rapidly be woven into all aspects of your life.

Each certificate has an assessment component,
which is evaluated on a competency (rather than grade) basis.

Certificate Programs

Evolutionary Relating’s certificate programs are designed to be a
quick-start immersion into the fields on offer.

Through the classes offered you will gain an upgrade in skills and tools applicable to your life and chosen vocational pathway.

The certificate programs we offer are:

Certificate in Evolutionary Human Design

Classes included: FAR, AFAR, EHD

This course combines a thorough introductory study to the field of Human Design.
You’ll learn the major components that construct an individual human design: type, authority,
lines, centres, channels and gates, and how they apply to your own chart.

You’ll also gain the ability to read other individual charts. 

Additionally, we will be exploring the activation sequence of Gene Keys and developing
an intimate experience of your life’s work, evolution, radiance and purpose. 

Coupled with this rich work in Human Design and Gene Keys will be the introductory courses
in Evolutionary Relating, giving you the skills to relate with increased finesse and awareness. 

This course is held within a practice community and is presented through a blend of lectures,
practice tutorials, study groups, readings/videos/audios and assessments. 

This certificate will be suited for analysts, readers and coaches who want to consider working 1-1 with
Human Design and the Gene Keys as well as anyone who wants to know themselves more deeply
in a supportive environment. 

Certificate in Evolutionary Intimacy

Classes included: FAR, AFAR, IMYS, NAC

The certificate in Evolutionary Intimacy investigates the dance of intimacy from the inside. 

The foundational courses in authentic relating prepare the student relationally to navigate the intensity that arises with intimacy at both a personal and professional level. 

After the foundational courses in authentic relating, the process is taken deeper through partnered and small group relating practices that support an experiential investigation into the nature of intimacy – into me you see. 

Intimacy, often confused with the energetics of sex and romance, is about the level of closeness to another. At the core of this is the experience of feeling deeply ‘seen’, as well as deep ‘seeing’ into another. 

This course develops an embodied understanding of the dynamic process of intimacy, and the skills to increasingly master the creation of intimacy in any appropriate context. 

At the same time we develop an understanding of the shadows that can hinder the formation of healthy intimacy through aversion/avoidance and addiction/anxiety by the study of attachment theory. This theory will be explored both at a theoretical level as well as an embodied practice of understanding, and provide the tools to increasingly move towards an earned secure attachment while supporting others to do the same. 

This certificate will be useful for those already working, or wanting to work in, any field relating to intimacy between humans. Intimacy coaches, relationship therapists, couples therapists, facilitators and mediators are all likely to benefit from this field of study.