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Evolutionary Human Design

Course Description

The system of understanding that is Human Design was channelled to the world in 1987 and since then has influenced hundreds of thousands, and likely many more, individuals in discovering themselves. The interest in this system is expanding, as useful and valid informational technologies tend to do. 

Human Design can be thought of as an experiment. You learn your design, and then you experiment with living in accordance with it. If your life gets better, then the experiment has validity. We have found this system to have incredible validity as it has improved, and continues to improve, our own lives in remarkable ways. 

Coming into this course you will learn a highly comprehensive introduction to the essential components of this system. You will learn and understand your own design in detail. In doing so you will get to see the impacts that ripple into your life as you live more in alignment with this wonderful design that you are. 

In addition, you will be in a community of peers learning together. Not only will you learn about yourself, but you will also be with others learning about themselves and get to see and experience first-hand just how incredibly, marvellously, magnificently unique we all are. 

It is the community, and relational, component of this course, along with the integration of the Gene Keys work, that makes this Evolutionary. 

We aren’t doing this alone, we are doing it together. 

Also, this program will teach you everything you need to know to start giving in-depth readings and the potential to make a living from it. Whether you decide to become a pure EHD analyst or to use this tool in your own coaching business, this course will get you there. 

In these 20 weeks of live teachings, we combine the knowledge of Human Design, the Gene Keys and the I-Ching,  to give you the most holistic understanding of the transmission, so that you can share it with the world in your own way. 

You may also sign up, if you wish, for the Certificate of Evolutionary Human Design [link], where graduates will be added to our public database of readers, consultants and coaches on our website. The combination of Human Design knowledge with the Evolutionary Relating skills can lead one towards being a powerful coach, guide, mentor or any other creative use that may be applied. 

Course Structure

Evolutionary Human Design consists of recorded elements, practise and theory.

  • Pre-recorded theory lectures (approximately 1 hour study per week)
  • Live bi-weekly focused discussion sessions (90 minutes)
  • Live bi-weekly tutorials (2.5 hours)
  • Study pods (recommended to meet for at least an hour bi-weekly)

Your Teachers

Evolutionary Human Design is taught by:

Fabrice Boulenger
Fabrice Boulanger

Fabrice is an experienced Human Design and Gene Keys guide, with a deep passion for bridging those two systems together. Seeing the incredible impact this knowledge has had on the hundreds of people he’s worked with, he’s now fully dedicated to teaching it all. This is the heart of his life’s work, and he can’t wait to share it with you.

Damien Bohler
Damien Bohler profile image

Damien is the founder and Director of Evolutionary Relating. Find out more.


The following modules will be taught over 20 weeks in Evolutionary Human Design (EHD):

Course Dates

Evolutionary Human Design is a 20-week course
which will be running in 2022:

Feb 14th – Jul 1st
Jul 25th – Dec 12th

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