Relational Design

Relating by Design: Where Human Design meets the art of relating

Course Description

Human Design is, we believe, an important evolutionary technology that allows us to more deeply understand who we are and how we can effectively, and beautifully, work together in creating a better world. 

This system of understanding was channelled to the world in 1987 and since then has influenced hundreds of thousands, and likely many more, individuals in discovering themselves. The interest in this system is expanding, as useful and valid informational technologies tend to do. 

Human Design can be thought of as an experiment. You learn your design, and then you experiment with living in accordance with it. If your life gets better, then the experiment has validity. We have found this system to have incredible validity as it has improved, and continuous to improve, our own lives in remarkable ways. 

Whilst it is easy to just jump online, or on an app, and get your free profile and then read a bunch of articles about it. The true benefits come from a much deeper experiential investigation than that.

It’s one thing to know your design theoretically and cognitively, it is another thing to really ‘get it’ deep inside you, to embody and live it, and to watch the nature of your life, relationships and work change as a result.

The unique perspective that we, at evolutionary relating, hold on this work is the key focus on relationship. It’s not just about understanding your design as an individual, it’s about understanding your design and how that relates to others. 

When you know who you are, and you know who others are, and you know what can and can’t be changed, and what does and doesn’t work with each type… things get very interesting. 

No longer do you have to force yourself to fit into some box, and no longer do you have to expect those in your life to act like you once thought they should. 

Instead, you start developing the incredible opportunity to collaborate as distinct individuals, each with an incredible and different set of attributes, gifts and challenges. 

Relationships become less and less adversarial, less and less competitive, less and less misunderstood. 

You can’t really change the fundamental aspects of who you are, and you can’t change them about someone else.

In this course, we learn to stop trying to do that, and instead start both living as a gift yourself, and seeing the unique gift in everyone else. 

This course is the first in three progressively deeper dives into the work of Evolutionary Relational Design, the art of relating by design.

While we might be starting out with the ‘basics’ of Human Design here, the intent is to go very deep into an embodied understanding of these basics and to be in a community of deep divers. 

You won’t be doing this work alone. 

You will have the opportunity to relate with each of the different types. To understand their vantage points and to see how you are, in fact, quite different from one another. 

This is actually a relief to know, and it makes relationships so much easier to navigate. 

The course comes with four months of access to our Gene Keys study group, which will allow you to investigate a more mythic and spiritual element of your design, taking this work into whole new territories of insight and transformation. 

Authentic Relating + Human Design + Gene Keys = Evolutionary Relational Design

The course is a combination of pre-recorded theory material, presented by Fabrice Boulanger and Luciano Armani, and then for the six-week duration, we oscillate alternating weeks between a focused deep-dive discussion and an experiential tutorial. Combined, of course, with monthly Gene Keys workshops and transmissions for the full four months. 

If you are new to Human Design and the Gene Keys, this course is perfect for you.

If you have a little bit of experience and want to go deeper in a community of exploration, this course is also perfect. 

If you are more experienced and want to go further, stay tuned for level 2.

Course Structure

Evolutionary Relational Design consists of recorded elements, practise and theory.

You’ll get access to 4 modules, taught over 7 weeks, which include:

  • Pre-recorded theory lectures (approximately 1 hour study per week)
  • Live bi-weekly focused discussion sessions (1.5 hours)
  • Live bi-weekly tutorials (2 hours)
  • Monthly Gene Keys study portal, for 4 months (3 hour workshop + fortnightly transmissions, and more).


The following modules are taught in Evolutionary Relational Design:

Course Dates

The dates of the classes for ERD classes are as per below.

Orientation (recorded) will be on the 2nd of March 2022 at 7-8pm AEDT // 9-10am CET


Australia / Europe

Tutorial :: Aura Types
9th March 2022
7-9pm AEDT
9-11am CET

Discussion :: Dating & Relating by Type (recorded)
16th March 2022
7-8.30pm AEDT
9-10.30am CET

Tutorial :: Embodying Your Authority
23rd March 2022
7-9pm AEDT
9-10am CET

Discussion :: Complexities of Authority (recorded)
30th March 2022
7-8.30pm AEDT
10am-12pm CEST

Tutorial :: Being You
6th April 2022
7-9.30pm AEST
11am-1.30pm CEST

Discussion :: Line by Line Interactions (recorded)
13th April
7-8.30pm AEST
11am-12.30pm CEST

United States

Tutorial :: Aura Types
9th March 2022
5-7pm PST
8-10pm EST
(10/3 12-2pm AEDT)

Discussion :: Dating & Relating by Type (recorded)
17th March 2022
6-7pm PST
9-10pm EST
(16/3 12-1pm AEDT)

Tutorial :: Embodying Your Authority
23rd March 2022
5-7pm PDT
8-10pm EDT
(24/3 11am-1pm AEDT)

Discussion :: Bonus Q&A (recorded)
31st March 2022
6-7pm PDT
9-10pm EDT
(1/4 12-1pm AEDT)

Tutorial :: Being You
6th April 2022
5-7.30pm PDT
8-10.30pm EDT
(7/4 10am-12pm AEST)

Discussion :: Line by Line Interactions (recorded)
14th April 2022
6-7pm PDT
9-10pm EDT
(15/4 11am-12pm AEST)

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