Of Authentic Relating

Deepen connection and intimacy by developing your skills in listening, expressing and attuning.

Course Description

The Fundamentals of Authentic Relating is a journey into understanding the dynamics of relating.

Relationships are created through the way in which we relate. 

Life is composed of relationships. 

Romantic partnerings. Family. Friendships. Work relationships. 

No matter where we turn, we will find that the quality of our life is fundamentally tethered to the quality of our relationships.

We grow high-quality relationships through high quality relating.

Relating that is vulnerable, mindful, in integrity to our authentic selves, and capable of listening deeply to others. 

Relating is not something we have been taught though.

Fundamentals of Authentic Relating Course Details

Fundamentals of Authentic Relating is a 7 module series exploring and practicing the foundational aspects of three major movements of attention within relating.

These three movements, which underpin all connection and intimacy, are that of: Listening, Expressing and Attuning.

Understanding these three movements, and developing the skill sets within each one, leads to an ever-increasing refinement of one’s ability and capacity to create and maintain connection in any context, and develop a secure base for relating and relationships. 

This course is a practice heavy, experiential dive into somewhat simple, yet infinitely deep, aspects of relating. Understanding and practising the skills contained in this course leads to an expansion in “relational intelligence”, the awareness of and ability to shape and direct attention within human interaction.

The development of this intelligence creates possibilities of increased experiences of intimacy, ability to provide emotional support for others, clarity in expressing desires and boundaries, enhanced negotiation and conflict resolution capacities, and the welcoming forward of more of the unique essence of yourself and those with whom you connect. 

The course itself is a well-tested, established and refined presentation of theory and practice to develop the skills. It is also, however, somewhat intermediate in nature and requires at least some familiarity and comfort, or desire to rapidly learn, how to share vulnerably and listen with a degree of presence.

If you’re ready to dive right in with an incredible community of supportive seekers on the same path… then come on in.

This course serves as a prerequisite for many of the other courses within the Evolutionary Relating curriculum, including for those who wish to follow a facilitator pathway.

The skills presented are invaluable for anyone, as relationships and communication are such a fundamental part of being human, and also strongly benefit those working in the people-oriented industries such as coaches, therapists, psychologists, teachers, nurses, midwives and doulas, hairdressers, managers, human resources, etc. 

Course Structure

Fundamentals of Authentic Relating consists of an entire library of pre-recorded elements, as well as a 7-week, live series of tutorials. 

The pre-recorded content includes, for each module:

  • Theory lectures
  • Partner practices
  • Solo practices
  • Stealth practices

The library is yours to keep as a reference source for life, whilst the live tutorial curriculum brings you into a community of practice, exploring and deepening the concepts so that they become a natural part of your everyday reality.


The following modules will be taught in Fundamentals of Authentic Relating:

Australia & Europe cohort:

7-9pm Mondays AEST
11-1pm Mondays CET

Americas & Australia (daytime) cohort:

6-8pm Wednesdays PDT 
9-11pm Wednesdays EDT
11-1pm Thursdays AEST

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