Keys to developing
a resilient nervous system

Course Description

The most essential component of a relationship, whether that is in your family, your romantic and sexual partnerships, your friendships, or your work… is the state of your nervous system.

A nervous system prone to go into dysregulation, a state of distress that we often call a “trigger” or an “activation”, tends to have real difficulty in maintaining a calm, easeful and joyful life.

Instead of relationships that are fun, playful, intimate, connected, sexy, satisfying, nourishing and expansive… relationships are challenging, painful, filled with fights and disconnections and heartbreak.

Life can feel like an endless uphill battle and despite so many gifts, talents and good ideas you just can’t seem to get ahead. Work can be a struggle. Family is difficult. Friendships are full of drama, or even non-existent. You can’t quite figure out what to do as somehow everything always feels a little… wrong.

Sometimes things can be ok, you have the relationship and the job and the family, and yet it still feels off. 

Perhaps you, or those around you, are irritable way too often, resentful, angry, and just plain annoyed at the world. Or you are on edge and anxious, feeling like at any moment you are ready to run away and hide. Perhaps there is just this low-grade chronic sense of futility and depression, somehow you don’t care even though you want to care, and it seems pointless even though you know that’s not true but the feelings just won’t go away.

Somehow in some way, small or large, you are more stuck than you want to be. 

When our nervous systems are overloaded with long term stress and all the accumulated traumas from childhood, primal mechanisms snap into place and decrease our natural and innate vibrant aliveness. 

We lose access to all our tools, skills, intelligence, gifts, joy and abundance. 

Regulating the nervous system is probably the most important and foundational element of personal development that we can engage in. 

This course is about developing a more robust and resilient nervous system. One that knows how to handle life, that is able to keep calm and centred as life swirls in its beautiful, unpredictable and often chaotic majesty.  

The practices presented in this course are proactive. While some of the tools are applicable in those moments of distress, what we will mostly be doing is developing more space and centredness in our nervous systems through daily practice. 

Just like if you want a fit body, you need to train regularly for it. 

So too if you want a fit nervous system, you need to train regularly for it. 

The practices, however, are gentle and pleasurable. The effects of regular nervous system training lead to a more naturally content, happy and intelligent way of being.

Accompanying the practices is all the theory and contextual information you need to know to deeply understand what is actually happening inside you so that you know what to do about it. 

Course Structure

Regulate consists of recorded elements, practise and theory.

You’ll get access to 5 modules which include:

  • Theory lectures
  • Audio guided meditations
  • Written descriptions of the practices
  • Guidelines for how to weave and integrate the practices into daily life
  • Journaling prompts to further integrate and embody this as a way of being


The following modules are taught in Regulate:

Course Dates

Regulate is self-study, you can take it at any time.

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