Fundamentals of Authentic Relating

Deepen your relationships with powerful authentic relating skills in this 8-week course.



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However there are a number of spots available for Classes 18 and 19 until they start on Monday.
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Transform Your Life.
Transform Your Relationships.

Imagine having so much confidence in your relating skills that all of your relationships become nourishing, whole & empowered.

No matter what type of relationships they are, from romantic relationships to family, to friends to work colleagues… relationships, and your capacity to relate, has the potential to be IMMENSELY transformative.

The true power of relationships is that they can be sanctuaries of connection, healing, growth and evolution… all without the pain, frustration, loneliness and endless cycles of conflict.

All of this is possible.

Your journey to best relationships of your life starts here.


What People Are Saying About FAR

What past course participants have to say about the Fundamentals of Authentic Relating course:

I can confidently say that the Fundamentals of Authentic Relating course has been a catalyst for significant positive change in my life. It has allowed me to navigate conflict better, set healthy boundaries, and become a better listener, parent, friend and colleague. If everyone did this work, I truly believe there would be peace on earth.
Retreat Facilitator
It is hard to explain to others outside the course how we’ve created such a safe space to go so incredibly deep in such a short amount of time. It’s literally been 3 weeks since our first conversation, and I feel the depth of what we’ve co-created is deeper than any other relationship I’ve ever been in.
Construction Manager
Fundamentals Of Authentic Relating was an incredible opportunity to drop into deeper connection with myself and those around me. The tools and practices are invaluable and I’ll continue to use them for the rest of my life. Thank you for this beautiful, magical experience of truth, authenticity and connection.
Doula & Coach

“Humans are not solitary creatures. We are in relationship, always. Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What is the quality of these relationships in my life?”

Damien Bohler, Course Creator

In This Course We’ll Show You How To:

  • Step into your full authentic power
  • Develop deep empathy & presence
  • Cultivate solid leadership skills
  • Have difficult conversations without falling apart
  • Create trust based relationships that also feel exciting
  • Heal relationship wounds and old toxic patterns
  • Own and begin to manifest your desires
  • Strengthen your boundaries and standards

And that’s just the start…

See the thing is all relationships are created through the way we relate.

Life is composed of relationships.

No matter where we turn, we will find that the quality of our life is fundamentally tethered to the quality of our relationships.

Take a moment right now to reflect on some of your most memorable life experiences.

You will probably find that at least some of them, if not all of them, include other people.

Love, family, friendships, community, prosperity, and sex… all come back to the quality of our relationships with other people.

“The thing that is most predictive of how meaningful your life is, is your meaningful relationships with others.”

 John Vervaeke, PhD Cognitive Science

We grow high-quality relationships through high-quality relating.

Relating that is vulnerable, mindful, joyful, in integrity to our authentic selves, and capable of listening deeply to others.

Yet relating is not something we are taught, pretty much anywhere!

We grow up watching the adults around us and the ways they relate. We just inherit it, bad habits and all. Many of us didn’t have the best role models. So we’ve been living life bumbling along doing the best we can.

Perhaps we’ve been too scared and shy to speak up and be heard… or claim what we want. Perhaps we have been uncomfortable with establishing good boundaries with others. Perhaps we have been yearning for deeper connections but not quite sure how to get them other than hoping to be lucky.

The cool thing is that relating is a skill that really can be developed.


An 8-week live online authentic relating course.
8 powerful skillsets. 28+ practices.


Master Your Relating. Master Your Relationships.

With the tools and practices we give you in Fundamentals of Authentic Relating, you will naturally start to relate in a whole new way. And when you do, your relationships will begin to grow and evolve effortlessly.

  • Powerful Listening Skills. Enhanced listening supports others in feeling comfortable opening up to you, drastically deepening your connections.
  • In this live 8-week course you will learn:
  • Confidently Express Yourself. Feel safe and comfortable in sharing your vulnerability with the world. Be seen for who you are in your full authenticity.
  • Clear Boundaries. Distinguish your authentic “yes” from your “no”. Stop people-pleasing. Deepen your awareness of subtle energetic boundaries.
  • Deep Attunement. Embody the skills to create memorable moments of incredible shared connection any time you want, with anyone you want.
  • Own Your Desires. Drop fears and hesitancies around letting others know your needs and your deepest desires… and actually start receiving them.
  • Supportive Community. Be welcomed into a community of peers growing alongside you. Create connections and friendships that extend far beyond the course.

What You’ll Learn In Each Module

Totally Blown Away!

I was totally blown away by your articulation of concepts and keeping everything practical – and in keeping such a safe container. Your ability to create something so practical for use in real life and relating also. And bringing together other people who want the same level of authentic relating too. I honestly can’t thank you enough for your work in the world. I feel so blessed to have been part of the immersion.
– Natalie, Occupational Therapist and Fundamentals Of Authentic Relating Graduate 2021

Your Facilitators

Meet the amazing people you’ll be learning authentic relating from.


Everything that’s included in the course

The Fundamentals of Authentic Relating course includes:

8-Week Live Online Training

  • 8 x weekly two-hour facilitated workshops
  • Private group
  • Weekly assigned partner practices
  • Practice-based immersion
  • 2 x Q&A calls with Damien

Pre-Recorded Course Library

  • Lifetime access!
  • 25 partner practices
  • Practice demonstrations
  • 12+ hours of video lessons
  • Solo mirror practices
  • Guided meditations

EVOLVE Social Platform & FAR Community

  • Lifetime access!
  • Community connection
  • FAR alumni drop-in classes
  • FAR alumni meetups
  • Access to advanced courses
  • Much more!

+ The Vulnerable Offer


As well as receiving the full 8-week Fundamentals of Authentic Relating Course this offer includes the following:

5 Additional modules focused on key relationship types

  • Romantic Partnerships
  • Dating
  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Work Connections



Confidently bring more depth into any relationship

Powerful and simple methods

Facilitated by Damien Bohler



Turn your greatest relationship challenges

Into your greatest potentials for growth & healing



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Vulnerable Offer: $487


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Upcoming Course Dates

Below are the upcoming class dates for the Fundamentals of Authentic Relating 8-Week Live course. Please choose your class dates and click Enrol Now.


AU Evenings | EU Mornings

Class 18

Oct 17 → Dec 5 2022

7pm – 9pm AEST
11am – 1pm CET

EU Evenings | US Afternoons

Class 19

Oct 18 → Dec 7 2022

8pm – 10pm CET
11am – 1pm PDT
2pm – 4pm EDT

5am – 7am AEST



AU Evenings | EU Mornings

Class 20

Jan 30 → Mar 20 2023

7pm – 9pm AEST
11am – 1pm CET

EU Evenings | US Afternoons

Class 21

Jan 31 → Mar 22 2023

8pm – 10pm CET
11am – 1pm PDT
2pm – 4pm EDT

5am – 7am AEST


What People Are Saying

What past course participants have to say about the Fundamentals of Authentic Relating course:

Sarah, Psychotherapist
Becky, Intuitive Guide

An Eye-Opening Course!

This authentic relating course has been eye-opening to me. It taught me that so little is required to truly relate to another and to experience deep intimacy. I could’ve never assumed that these methods work so well. I think this is especially valuable for men who are looking to get better at relating. Damien will strip everything away, and make you experience so much by having to do so little. The exercises with the group immediately give you a clear imprint of how it feels to be really seen and heard. I am stealing his valuable lessons and using those on my men. If you’re in doubt, just do it. It’s so worth the money.
– Erik, Men’s Coach and Fundamentals Of Authentic Relating Graduate 2021

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

– Chinese Proverb